What’s Our Clients Say

I want to Thank Lagasse Pools, they just redid our Pool.  It is beautiful.  They also did our Deck with Pavers which is equally beautiful.  Steve is fantastic and has a great crew.  I would and do  recommend Steve at  Lagasse pools, he is fantastic and does an amazing job.  I truly can not say enough great things about the amazing job he did.  He is very professional and takes pride in his work and it shows, he truly cares about his customers.  Steve Lagasse I want to thank you for an amazing job we love our pool and our Pavers on our pool deck!! We could not be happier! Thank you Steve Lagasse!
-Michelle Wojcik

What is the measure of a company? Quality products? Excellent customer service? Timeliness? All of the above? When a company performs and meets these expectations, do they generally garner enthusiastic praise, or is that considered minimally acceptable?
I think the measure of quality in a company is not merely found in how well they perform a service or provide a product. Rather, what happens when things don’t go as planned. Integrity matters when things go awry. Absolutely, when a company provides quality materials and excellent service, it should be noteworthy, but when they take customer service seriously enough to mitigate issues of their own accord without any prompting, it alleviates pressure on the homeowner to know that the situation is manageable. Part of that important ongoing process is communication; a well-informed customer is certainly the bane of any mediocre company’s existence, but you know you found a top-notch performer when they ensure updates are frequent and well-understood.
Such is the case with LaGasse design and the saga that was my pool renovation. I do not trust easily, and from the onset I was comfortable with the representative’s knowledge and willingness to recite said information so that I might grasp the finer points.
The work ensued and each day I was provided detailed updates. Even with delays (through no fault of anyone, just the condition of the former fiberglass installation), the crews were always communicative and professional.
The it happened; the unthinkable. Problems arose after the build completed and I feared I would be left to my own devices. Not the case at all. Steve assured me they would resolve my issues no matter how long it took. That’s integrity, and that is why I would highly recommend them to anyone. Doing a good job is praiseworthy, standing behind your work shows integrity and pride.
Robin states on their website that they don’t have customers, they have relationships. I absolutely believe that to be true. Even though now, my problem is resolved, and despite the many trials to get to this point and Lagasse always resolute in their desire to make the customer content, I am dejected that I won’t see Steve and Dexter in my backyard anymore. Not just a quality company, quality people.

-Johnathan Van Houten

I would just like to thank Lagasse design center, Steve Lagasse, and Herbert they have just built me the most beautiful pool in the world they went above and beyond even what they were contracted to do they were such a pleasure to work with the owner Steve was out there working alongside with them almost every day if anyone is looking for a pool I can say without a doubt I 100% recommend them my pool has come out absolutely amazing they added extra things on and even upgraded my pool pump for free so it would make it more enjoyable but also make the pool more economical efficient for my family this company doesn’t just treat you like a client they treat you like family I couldn’t be more grateful to them thank you so much for everything!!

-Sarah Perry

“We are very happy with how the work was done and even happier with the result. The success of the project was because of your man, Ryan. He was terrific, from the beginning of the work through to the finish. Ryan was hard-working, knowledgeable, informative explaining things, patent and a gentleman throughout.

We also think very highly of the crew that applied the new surface. They, also, were terrific. Nice men, hard workers, and obviously very experienced people who know what they were doing and how to do it. Please pass on our compliments, thanks and best wishes to them.”

-Beverly & Garo