Pool Warranty Service

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Pool Warranty Service

Everyone hopes their pool equipment will last forever and never have issues. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Thankfully, almost all pool equipment should come with a warranty for that specific part. Here at LaGasse Pools and Service, we do offer a pool warranty service, where we will help you figure out what is wrong with your pool and install replacement parts that you’ve obtained from your warranty company.

When you first get new pool equipment, it is very important that you register with the vendor for their warranty. Here are a few links to the most common pool equipment companies:

Hayward Registration

Hayward Contact Page

Pentair Registration



When it seems like something is failing or just not right about your pool, give us a call at 1-866-LAGASSE! We will send a technician out to troubleshoot your issue. Once we discover what is wrong with your pool/equipment, we will help you figure out if your part is still covered under warranty.

While our technicians do not repair equipment under warranty, we will install warranty replacements. If your warranty company sends you a replacement part, such as a new pump, we will install it for you.

Finally, you can always call us here at LaGasse Pools and Service to obtain a quote to replace your equipment that is out-of-warranty.