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Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting

If your pool lighting is not working properly, you need the experts at LaGasse Pools and Service. Our team has the expertise and proper licensing to troubleshoot your lights and recommend the best course of action.

Our services include the following:
  • Light Fixture Replacement – If your light fixture needs to be replaced, we will remove the old fixture, put in a new one, secure it into the niche, and test the light.
  • Light Bulb Replacement – If the bulb has blown out, usually we can just install a new bulb and gasket in the existing fixture. However, we will need to replace the fixture if the fixture is full of water or the cord is compromised.
  • Fiber Optic to LED Conversion – If your fiber optic lighting does not work as it should anymore, ask us about retrofitting your system with LED lighting. To meet every application, we have a lot of great retrofit alternatives from several different manufacturers.
  • LED Bulbs and Fixtures – For most of the standard pool light niches, we offer LED light fixtures. These fixtures use 85% less electricity, and the bulbs last a lot longer. In standard light fixtures, our technicians can also install LED light bulbs.
  • Electrical Troubleshooting – When a light is not working, the problem is not always with the light fixture or bulb. The real problem may be in the the wiring between the controls and the light or in the GFCI. Our technicians are experienced at carefully troubleshooting these issues and recommending the best solution to your problem.

All of our technicians have their Appliance Installers License as required by law in the State of Florida. Do not risk your property or life by using a cheaper, illegal, non-licensed technician or service company on your pool lighting.

Whatever your pool repair needs, you can trust LaGasse Pools and Service to perform your work in a professional, prompt, and safe manner.

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